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Latest Book by Beth


The Gluten-Free Survival Guide – Essential Lifestyle Tips and Recipes to Help You Find Joy Again.

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The first step to living well on a gluten-free diet begins with this book. Face the challenges easily with practical advice on everything from kitchen set-up, to handling dinner at the in-laws to baking gluten-free like a pro! The Gluten-Free Survival Guide will save you time, money and frustration as Beth shares her top tips for avoiding common mistakes in food purchases, preparation and consumption. Beth has lived gluten-free for over 5 years and shares her passion and twenty of her favourite recipes to help you find joy again.




Reach out to me with your questions about the gluten-free lifestyle and let me share my experience and knowledge with you. Message me and I promise to get back to you promptly. Free



Perhaps you could benefit from coaching calls where I can offer my support regarding your particular situation. I know how important it is to talk to people who are also gluten-free.

I can offer guidance on everything from how to set up your kitchen to avoid cross-contamination to how to handle eating out at the office Christmas party. The first call is free.


Cooking/Baking Workshops

I plan to offer workshops where we practice making traditional comfort foods gluten-free. Or perhaps you would like an in-home visit, where I help you to learn to bake your recipes with gluten-free ingredients. Price varies. Contact me for more details.


Beth’s Gluten-Free Bakery

Let me bake it for you!

Taking orders today for your holiday parties. Contact me today!


I am a Fitness Professional with over 20 years of teaching experience. I’m a Best-Selling Author, a wife and mother of 3. I live and work in the outlying areas of Montreal. I am passionate about fitness and I love to cook delicious food for my family and friends.


My mission is to help anyone who is struggling with their allergy to gluten. I spent two years trying to deal with my symptoms on my own, and I would have loved to have a tutor to turn to for quick answers, advice and personal support.

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